In case you're wondering...

Like many Americans, I initially approached Yoga as a physical practice- an alternative to the gym, which I found boring.  I practiced  with varried regularity until early 2017, when I threw myself into yoga (and farming) as a means to stay sober in early addiction recovery.  I soon experienced the benefits of connecting my body, mind & spirit, and felt called to facilitate space for others to grow into their own potential as well.  I began my formal training by spending 6 months living & studying in India and returned to the US with a great determination to provide safe, healthy & accessible Yoga to every body whilst honoring Yoga’s traditional roots.  

 I am fully certified by the IAYT as a Yoga Therapist, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve a wide variety of people, from many walks of life.  As a person in ongoing recovery myself, I specialize in working with folks in addiction and trauma managment, growth & recovery, embracing a harm-reduction approach to truly meet people where they are.  I am certified as a level 2 Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist and I have countless ongoing hours of independent study and researchI am also currently accumulating hours to be certified in IL as an Alcohol & Drug Counselor, with the intention of deepening my ability to integrate East & West therapuetic models, and to make these practices accessible to a broader range of people.

I strive to practice living Yoga- for me, this means embodying Yoga's core principals and moving from a place of Love in all that I think, say & do.   I'm fortunate to now make my home in Chicago, on the traditional lands of the People of the Council of Three Fires; here I am an active member of several organizations working for societal change & equity, reimaginging public safety & wellness and emphasizing building & investing in communities.  I have the incredible privilage of working with Mamas Activating Movements for Solidarity & Abolition, and with Prison Yoga Chicago, humbly sharing Yoga with people incarcerated in Cook Co Jail and serving as an executive board member.  I am an abolitionist and deeply believe that we as a society can  create systems based in equity, prevention and rehabilitation, as opposed to control, oppression & punishment. 

Along with all this, I really enjoy cooking & eating soul-nourishing food, riding my bicycle, wandering walks with my partner & dog, general silliness and generally spending as much time as possible outdoors.