Previously Recorded Practices

Practice on your schedule with any of the videos below

Video production courtesy of Kindpact

A slow, breath-guided practice to help find relief from feelings of anxiety or stress.

Invite some quiet & deep release with this introspective 40 minute Yin practice.

A 35 minute series of poses selected especially to support the tissues of the feet- because they deserve some love, too!

A 45 minute practice designed especially for cyclists but beneficial for anyone!

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Some helpful things to have on hand for practice: a bolster, cushion and/or pillows, blocks (or large books, paper towel roll, oatmeal canister- something to bring the floor closer to you!), a strap (or belt, scarf, towel, dog leash, extra pair of leggings) blankets & anything else that helps your space feel comfy and inviting! Please remember, you are your own best teacher and this is YOUR practice.

I thank you deeply for your support; I can't do this work without you!